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How to Identify a Mobile Phone Number

To the Uninitiated, many iPhone handsets are fairly similar-looking, and even experts find it tough to tell apart some particularly samey pairs of models like the iPhone 3G and 3GS, or iPhone 4 and 4S.

The easiest way to spot an iPhone would be to check that the ‘A’ version Number on the trunk, and in this article we record the A numbers for every iPhone. But if the amount is obscured or too little to read, or you will need a more precise identification, you may use the ‘M’ version number listed in Settings; or you’ll be able to examine the phone’s shape and external attributes and make an identification using the descriptions and photographs below.

If you’re fighting to identify among the other Apple devices, we also have guides to locating that iPad you’ve and which Mac you have.
Use the external ‘A’ model amount

In Just about All cases the easiest way to identify various versions of This is a small amount – like a serial number – printed on the reverse of this iPhone which begins with the letter A. It’ll be something such as “A1203” or “A1634”.

When we say “small number” we really do mean small, and you may find It tough to read the number together with the naked eye. A magnifying glass can be helpful if you’ve got you!

It is a bit perplexing that Apple tags this as Model, because as We are going to see in another section it also refers to a entirely different number in precisely the identical manner. For simplicity’s sake we will call this outside version number the A number, and the only found in Settings, which we discuss next, the M or SKU number.

(And these are both different from the more IMEI identifying number, which is unique to your individual handset.)

As soon as you’ve got the A number, you are good to go. (Note that there are Multiple A amounts for some iPhones.

This next technique will Offer a more exact identification (such as colour and storage capacity), but gets the slight down side of requiring that your device be practical and accessible for you. If you are trying to identify a bricked apparatus or one you can’t unlock, this won’t be much use and you’d better proceed to the visual identification graph in another section.

Open Settings and choose General > Around. An alphanumeric code starting almost certainly beginning with an M. (Replacement versions will have a number beginning with an N instead.)

We have seen this referred to as the M amount or the SKU. Either way it Tells you everything you need to know about what sort of iPhone you have got.

There is a enormous number of potential M numbers – much more than we can list here. Assess the iPhone Wiki for a Complete list.

If for whatever reason you can’t find or read the M and A numbers (in case The apparatus won’t switch on and the numbers on the trunk are too little to Read, say), do not worry. Got by checking its build, external features and so on. Simply compare It against this guide.

How to Identify a Mobile Phone Number


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